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A Review: On the Art of Mind Reading

A review of "Michael Jons: Wicked Thoughts!"
by Julie Rapp, Greenbelt News Review

Michael Jons, a self-described mind reader and psychic entertainer, brought his thought-provoking, interactive show, “Michael Jons: Wicked Thoughts!” to the Greenbelt Arts Center (GAC) stage the weekend of March 6 to 8. The audience was treated to an evening of often hilarious and clever demonstrations of his modern take on the art of mind reading. Jons has been entertaining audiences with his psychic powers since 2014 in his residency show, “Michael Jons: Psychic Cabaret” first in Fort Lauderdale and then at the Four Seasons Hotel in D.C.

Jons began by asking audience participants to write something embarrassing or perhaps wicked that they had experienced on a card which was then dropped into the “Box of Shame.” Later in the show Jons proved his mind-reading skill by reaching into the box with a comical flair, picking out a card and humorously reading out loud the embarrassing moment or shameful action of an audience member. He then canvassed the audience and finally settled on one person who eventually owned up to the card being theirs. He continued to demonstrate his intriguing abilities to read, influence and predict thoughts by engaging audience members in games which highlighted techniques of manipulation that utilize a mixture of intuition and human psychology.

With his remarkable feats of persuasion, Jons demonstrated how easily minds can be controlled at times when people think they are making a decision using their own free will. He warned the audience to be aware of mind manipulation techniques used every day by advertisers, politicians, clergy and nefarious types on social media. His recommendation to combat this intrusion is to employ what he calls “kindergarten rules.”

The “King of Cartomancy,” as he describes himself, closed the show by using a deck of cards to predict the future. He accurately guessed the card each audience member was holding and had a highly intuitive and thought-provoking interpretation of each card.

Wicked Thoughts Premiere Just 90 Days Away!

Michael Jons Wicked Thoughts"Michael Jons: Wicked Thoughts!" will get its 2020 premiere at the Greenbelt Arts Center on March 6-8, 2020. 

The idea for "Wicked Thoughts!" began in November, 2016 and developed over the next year. In 2018 we produced several workshop productions of the show in Washington DC, Coral Gables FL, Greenbelt MD and Tawas MI. Those 2018 performances were a great start, but we knew we weren't yet finished.

We went back and worked on the show for another entire year. I'm happy to say that all the that hard work has paid off. The show is finally just what we envisioned it to be back in 2016.

We are incredibly excited to be presenting the finished show this March at the Greenbelt Arts Center theater. You're not going to want to miss it - it's an awesome show! 

Please join my email list below for information about all my 2020 performances.

Final Psychic Cabaret of 2019!

I can't believe another year has flown by!

2019 has been an incredile year. In addition to our regular performances of "The Psychic Cabaret", we did our first annual Halloween show, "Raising Spirits in the Crypt" and premiered "Michael Jons LIVE", an all-new mentalism show which recieved rave reviews over the summer.

2020 is going to be even bigger starting with a new production of my theatrical stage show, "Michael Jons' Wicked Thoughts", at Greenbelt Arts Center on March 6-8, 2020.

But 2019 is not over yet! Please join me on November 17, 2019 for our last performance of "Psychic Cabaret" this year.

We'll be on hiatus for the holidays but will be announcing 2020 residency show dates soon. Please join our email list to be the first to know!

Check out our latest reviews:

Incredible night out, great talent and not to be missed.
Thordur J., San Francisco, CA 11/4/2019 via Yelp

I went to his show yesterday for a friend's birthday. I must say I was "surprised"! He set the expectation low at the beginning, but he amazed me with every act onward. I was shocked that he could read people minds and give you what you need to hear for your psychic question.
CV T., Fairfax, VA on 9/23/2019 via Yelp

VERY enjoyable!
Linda P. on 10/7/2019 via Goldstar

The Crypt Door Has Been Sealed.

The door to the vault has been sealed. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to help me contact the ghosts of Ivy Hill Cemetery this year. "Raising Spirits" in an actual cemetery crypt was a truly memorable experience for everyone. A huge thank you to Lucy Goddin for making the cemetery a place to be visited and enjoyed by the living.

Hope to see you again next October when we will open the crypt once again to see what may be waiting for us inside.

A Call To the Crypt

Ivy Hill Cemetery Vault view

Those who are living
    come this day
Down the graveyard path,
    lanterns light the way
Into the underground crypt
    carved in clay
We're raising the spirit
    of a ghost named Kay
- Michael Jons, Raising Spirits in the Crypt

The door to the underworld is open and awaiting your arrival.

Only 4 performances remain. Grab your tickets before its too late!

Raising Spirits in the Crypt First Review!

Raising Spirits in the Crypt at Ivy Hill Cemetery Review
Thank you Christine Z for taking the time to write such an awesome review of the show. Our first attempt to contact the spirit world was a wild ride.

Only more 5 performances of this special limited run show. Come join us! 

Let's Raise some Spirits in the Crypt at Ivy Hill Cemetery!

Ivy Hill Cemetery Vault

The leaves are starting to change colors, days are getting shorter, there is a crisp charge in the air and the veil that separates the living world and the spirit world grows thin. Halloween is my favorite time of year.

I've been a collector of haunted artifacts for decades and a student of Spiritualism movement which was wildly popular from the 1840s to 1920s that believes that spirits of the dead can communicate with the living through a seance.

I've often wondered what might happen if I actually tried contacting the spirit world myself, but I would need a small group of people to join me to make it work. And, of course, holding the seance in a graveyard after dark would make it even better. 

Come join me, this October, after dark, in the underground burial vault at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia (pictured above) for my new show, "Raising Spirits in the Crypt". I'm not exactly sure what may happen when we attempt to contact the spirit world, but I can promise you that it will be a spooky good time!

We all love a good ghost stories -- this is your chance to be part of one!

Tickets are on sale now!  I will only be performing 6 shows this year and seating in the crypt is very limited, so be sure to reserve your seats now.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Ivy Hill Cemetery Historial Preservation Society.

Psychic Cabaret Audiences are the Best!

I have such a great time meeting the people who come to the show. I warn audiences that the show is really all about them, and ultimately only as interesting as they make it. I have to say, DC audiences come through and help create really fun and amazing evenings. They keep me very entertained and feeling very grateful.

As always, THANK YOU to everyone who takes the time to write an online review. I truly appreciate the kind words.

My mind was blown by this guy. He is a gifted psychic...was so much more than I had anticipated. I want to take every skeptic I know to see him. And in addition to his amazing gift, he is entertaining and feel-good. My friends and I laughed, cried, and were left in awe. This will not be the last time I see his show.
Jill H. from Cabin John, MD on 8/18/2019 via Yelp

This really did blow my mind! Michael got EVERYTHING right!!! It was so interesting. He was so entertaining and fun! This was an interactive show and Michael was very nice to volunteers too. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a fun night out.
Lisa E. from Bethesda, MD on 8/18/2019 via Yelp

How'd he do that? Loved the show, very entertaining and cute, intimate venue. So glad we went and highly recommend. Kim M. from Springfield, VA on 8/22/2019 via Yelp

The Psychic Cabaret latest Reviews

I am hugely grateful when people take the time to write a nice review and help spread the word about the Psychic Cabaret. Here's what people are saying:

My partner and I attended the August 4th show at the Beacon Hotel and it was a great show! It was her first time at anything like this and she couldn’t stop talking about the show after it concluded. I was also amazed at having my future question selected and answered. Definitely was something starting weigh heavily on me and Michael confirming what I was originally thinking just made me feel sooooo much better! In all, we both had a blast. The show was great and extremely entertaining! I would definitely recommend to anyone!!
Shante on 8/5/2019

The show was truly awesome! I was beyond impressed with Michael's ability! Simply amazing! I will absolutely go to his show again!
Valerie B on 6/17/2019 via Goldstar

We just saw Michael's show. Lots of fun and entertaining!!! Everyone present left very pleased and wondering how he does it, including myself. Amazing!! We loved it!
Clarisa R on 6/11/2019 via Facebook

Wearing Tin Foil Hats Will Not Stop Michael Jons From Reading Your Mind!

I'm so happy that somebody in the lighting booth managed to take a picture of the audience getting seated at my show at the Tawas Bay Playhouse.

I walked out on stage at the start of the show only to see two gentlemen in the third row with thier heads wrapped in tin foil! They were hoping that thier tin foil hats would prevent me from hacking into thier heads during the show. I love these guys!

Of course, I HAD to call on them first. I can now confidently report that wearing a tin foil hat to my show will NOT prevent Michael Jons from reading your thoughts. 

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