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Michael Jons Psychic Cabaret

"I giggled my brains out and enjoyed the wide-eyed-wonderment of the Psychic Cabaret!" - Tara, Miami

Wide Eyed Wonderment of Michael Jons Psychic Cabaret

Michael Jons' Psychic Cabaret is the mind-boggling and hysterical hit show by mind reader and psychic entertainer Michael Jons.

Critics declared the Psychic Cabaret, "One the best date nights of all time!"  Audiences say it's, "Simply Amazing!"  

During his lightning-paced performance, Michael Jons astonishes the audience with his Sherlockian style of people-reading, his Svengali-like power to persuade and, of course, his incredible ability to seemingly read the private thoughts of total strangers. But the show's highlight is the dazzling variety of psychic readings that Jons does, instantly and memorably, for lucky members of the audience.

Grab some friends or bring a date and join us for Washington's most unusual and entertaining evenings out!

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What Audiences Say About
Michael Jons' Psychic Cabaret

5 Star Rating Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
A mind-bending, gasp-inducing bucket of fun!
-- Bob M via Goldstar

5 Star Dont miss Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
A show not to be missed! A day later and my boyfriend and I are still talking about the show. We were super impressed by how Michael was shockingly right on and are planning on seeing his show again. If you are a skeptic, you won't be after!
-- Jessica B., Washington, DC via Yelp

5 Star Amazing Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
Michael's show was amazing. An incredible mentalist who brought humor and delight to the audience. I can't recommend the show enough as a local date night or entertainment for a tourist couple.
-- Ryan R. from Somerville, MA via Yelp

5 Star Good Clean Fun Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
This is the best good clean fun I've had in ages!! Michael Jons is enthusiastic and passionate about his craft and his showmanship shines!!! The show is funny, engaging and most important, amazing!! It's an intimate space and the audience is very much involved but Michael makes even the shyest of us comfortable!!! Truly a great evening and wonderful food and drinks at Eno as well!!. Highly Recommend!!
-- Mariesa B. from Washington, DC via Yelp

5 Star Must Go Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
Seriously, a must go! Great date night for my wife and I - we are very much skeptics, but Michael really blew us away! We are definitely going again and hope to take visiting friends to see the show.
-- Mark K. from Falls Church, VA via Yelp

5 Star Intimate Unique Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
This is an intimate unique show that was really fun. Michael connects to each individual in the small audience, shares his craft and most importantly wows the audience with his significant talents. We did not know what to expect from a show in a wine bar, but it was a perfect venue for a show that is just a little strange - in a very good way. If you want something different, this is a thing for you!
-- K Lenihan via Goldstar

5 Star Fun Smart Show Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
Such a fun, smart show! A unique combination of impressive psychic prowess and inspirational life advice. Michael is a wonderful performer. Plus, good food and wine at Eno. An unexpectedly delightful Sunday afternoon!
-- Kathy O. from Washington, DC via Yelp

5 Star Fun Fun Fun Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
Fun, fun, fun! With wine!! Michael Jons' abilities astound in Eno's intimate setting. How he does it-- I don't know... but I'm glad he does. His style: warm and inviting coupled with wit and laughter. It's a fun evening.
-- Therea C. from Washington, DC via Yelp

5 Star Take Your Friends Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
What a unique and fun experience. I am not sure what I expected when a friend invited me to this Psychic Cabaret show but Michael Jons blew me away. He was funny, smart, and spot-on with reading minds!!! It is an awesome show! Take your friends!!! Also, ENO's deserves a shout out. The toasted cheese sandwich is AWESOME.
-- Gail D. from Washington, DC via Yelp

5 Star Rating Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
I attended this on a Sunday afternoon with some friends and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an event that will take you away from your current worries! This does that! The atmosphere was splendid! The venue, Eno, was welcoming and the staff at Eno were great hosts. Michael Jons Psychic Cabaret was a total delight! I'm not a skeptic, but not a believer either. I will say I was and am in awe of his performance. The inclusion of the audience was really fun too! If you have a chance to see him - do it!
-- Marguerite J. from Washington, DC via Yelp

5 Star Delightful Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
My husband and I so enjoyed the show. Wasn't sure what to expect, and it was delightful, fun and relaxing. The venue is excellent as well. Highly recommend.
-- C R R from Bethesda, MD via Yelp

5 Star Fantastic Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
Saw Michael Jons tonight. Fantastic performance!! Clearly dedicated to his art/craft. Very funny performance, extremely entertaining yet educational.  Very, very well done job! Excellent!!
-- David A. from Washington, DC via Yelp

5 Star Rating Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
A wonderful show that beat our expectations. Everyone was laughing and gasping throughout. Comments overheard from people in the audience include "mind-blowing", "freaky", "unbelievable", "no way!". It was a really good show - so was the wine!
-- Jeff E from Annapolis, MD via Yelp

5 Star Rating Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
Michael Jon's is amazing. The show is a lot of fun and everyone was having a great time. The Eno wine bar is intimate and comfortable. It's like being at someone's home for a personal show performed just for you and your friends. That is, if their home serves really great food and wine with a private waiter. Don't be afraid to participate as that is half the fun. I was with family but I could easily see this being a great date night or returning with a group of friends as it was really a good time. Great entertainment with great food and wine. What more could you asked for?
-- David C from Washington, DC via Yelp

5 Star Rating Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
We had a great time at the show and the wine bar is the perfect place for this type of entertainment.  I went with a few friends and we all agreed that Michael's mind reading is amazing!  His show is unique and he is a very talented performer.  Highly recommend!
-- Julie F from Northville, MI via Yelp

5 Star Fun Entertaining Micheal Jons Psychic Cabaret
Fun and entertaining show that had everyone talking afterwards. Set in Eno (a great wine bar with great happy hour wine specials), this intimate setting made for a fun evening. Michael is a very talented mind reader/psychic.  Husband and I were both "volunteers" and we definitely weren't plants but he guessed what we were thinking.
-- Sharyn L from Washington, DC via Yelp


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Show Times & Tickets


2019 Residency at The Beacon Hotel, Washington, DC

2016 - 2019 Residency at Eno Wine Bar at The Four Seasons, Washington, DC

March 23-31, 2018 at DC Arts Center, Washington, DC

July 2017 run at Tawas Bay Playhouse, Tawas, MI

October 14 & 28, 2016 at 3rd Floor Event Space, Washington, DC

2014 Residency at Bona Wine Bar, Fort Lauderdale, FL