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Audiences Love The Magic Duel!

It's so satisfying when great audiences mix with great magic!

I just finished 3 performances of DC's Top Rated Comedy/Magic Show, The Magic Duel this weekend. If I haven't convinced you to come out and see the show yet, perhaps these reviews from yesterday's show will! A huge thank you to the people who took the time to share these kind words.

It has been a blast competing in The Duel over the past few months. If you enjoy magic and mentalism, come out and laugh with master magician Mark Phillips and me!

Back at The Magic Duel in May 2023!

The Magic Duel

In case you missed my recent performances in The Magic Duel at the amazing Mayflower Hotel in Washinton, DC you have 2 more chances - May 6, 2023 and May 20, 2023.

Join master magician Mark Phillips and I as we battle it out to see who will take home the coveted Golden Wand Award and title of "DC's Best Magician" as voted by YOU. Every vote counts so join the fun and vote Michael Jons!

Come out and laugh with us!

Tickets at https://www.TheMagicDuel.com

The Woman Who Saw All comes to Washington, DC!

The Woman Who Saw All

I am thrilled to be producing "The Woman Who Saw All" at The Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on Friday, March 30, and Saturday, April 1, 2023. This extraordinary production is written and performed by my friend, the talented magician and tarot card reader, Andy Morgan.

"The Woman Who Saw All" unveils the remarkable story of Mamie Bell Johnson, an Appalachian Psychic and Spiritualist, skillfully narrated through the perspective of her grandson, magician Andy Morgan. By reimagining his grandmother's personal experiences and enthralling public séances, Morgan takes his audience on a mesmerizing journey into the world of Spiritualism and the Occult during the 1920s. Prepare to be immersed in the profound life and enduring legacy of Mamie Bell Johnson—a woman who possessed the remarkable ability to truly see all.

Join us for what is guaranteed to be an enchanting and magical show!

It's Magic vs Mentalism at The Magic Duel November 2022-March 2023

The Magic Duel

I'm delighted to be back competing in The Magic Duel, Washington DC's highest rated comedy magic show from November 2022 and March 2023!

We will be doing special Magic vs. Mentalism editions of The Duel where I take a swing at winning the coveted Golden Wand Award and the title, "DC's Best Magician!"

I've had the pleasure of periodically guest-performing in the show over the last several years. The show is always loads of fun to do and I'm looking forward to doing this extended run.



The Evasons Read My Mind!

I recently had the opportunity to interview my friends Jeff & Tessa Evason, The Mentalist Duo! They are one of the busiest and best mind reading acts in the world and a really fun couple. I challenged them to do a bit of virtual mind reading for me and, I have to admit, it was really fun having MY mind read for a change.

If you are not familiar with their work, check them out at Evason.com

REAL Mind Readers React to Nightmare Alley!

I'm excited that Guillermo del Toro's "Nightmare Alley" comes out tomorrow. It's a film staring Bradley Cooper that features mind-reading acts from end of the Great Depression. I loved the original 1947 film and this update will get me back into a movie theater for the first time in years.

When the trailer came out I knew exactly who I wanted to watch it with -- Jeff & Tessa Evason, The Mentalist Duo! They are the worlds top performers of the 2-person telepathy act known as "Second Sight" and were consultants on the film. Find out what REAL mind readers think of Nightmare Alley and hear our BOLD predictions about the film:


This was my first attempt to create a video on YouTube. A huge thank you to the incredible Jeff and Tessa Evason for agreeing to do this with me! If you are not familiar with their work, check them out at Evason.com

Join Us at “Le Bal des Revenants” (the Spirit Ball)

I'm delighted to be joining fellow performers Andy Morgan, Joe Cabral, and Joshua Bruneau in presenting “Le Bal des Revenants” (the Spirit Ball) at the Stanley-Whitman House museum in Farmington, Connecticut on Friday and Saturday, October 29th & 30th and Friday and Saturday, November 5th and 6th, 2021.

It is a show about "reconnecting" which will let audience members reconnect to the past, to the present and to the future.

Many in our communities were isolated from friends, from family and from colleagues during the pandemic. Now that restrictions are lifting we are all adjusting to the new ways in which we will resume our daily lives.

This show is designed to let the audience members celebrate the what lies ahead - a returning to our world - a new world that has changed in so many ways. Audience members will experience three miniature performance pieces set in different rooms of the Stanley Whitman House.

These performances are designed to help people re-capture a sense of mystery and wonder that we can experience. I felt the Stanley Whitman House was the perfect place for a celebration of reconnecting after the pandemic.

Over the years of its existence, it has been many things to many people: a home, a refuge, a place to learn about the past and present as well as a place where through art and music people can experience a sense of community.

It is my wish that those who attend Le Bal des Revenants leave with a renewed sense of wonder feeling of connection. I look forward to seeing you there!

Tickets are available here.

Hello again!

I don't know why, but today I had the sudden urge to post something here on my website. It's not something that I've even thought about doing in a very, very long time. Only after opening the page did I realize the significance of today's date -- it has been exactly one year since I made my last post. It boggles my mind to think that an entire year has slipped by. It feels like a year lost in time.

One year ago today I had just finished my performances of "Michael Jon's Wicked Thoughts" at the Greenbelt Arts Center. It was a short but incredibly satisfying run of my new theater show. I remain extremely pleased with what we were able to accomplish in that production. "Wicked Thoughts" had been in development for several years and it felt like it finally all came together. The show was a joy to perform. I'm grateful we were able to do the show before the pandemic shut down all live entertainment. I don't think any of us imagined that we would be dark for so long.

Now, a full year later, the warmer weather, sunshine and fresh spring air is once again carrying the energy of hope and renewal. It looks like we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and imagine a time in the near future where we can safely get together once again. I had my first conversation today about scheduling a performance for later this year. I can't tell you how good that feels. It's like waking up from a groggy state of hibernation. It's wonderful.

The past 12 months have been a wild ride for all of us. I hope that you are as ready as I am to get back out into the world and reconnect with each other in person. The lockdown has been particularly devastating for restaurants, entertainment and the arts. But pendulums swing both ways and I believe that the end of this pandemic may bring an explosion of new life and energy.

I have no idea when I will be able to do a live show again. But I think I speak for the entire entertainment industry when I say that we want nothing more than to be able to get back to work as quickly as we can. When that time comes, I do hope you will come out and join us! 

Who knows, we may end up having a roaring 20's after all!

A Review: On the Art of Mind Reading

A review of "Michael Jons: Wicked Thoughts!"
by Julie Rapp, Greenbelt News Review


Michael Jons Wicked ThoughtsMichael Jons, a self-described mind reader and psychic entertainer, brought his thought-provoking, interactive show, “Michael Jons: Wicked Thoughts!” to the Greenbelt Arts Center (GAC) stage the weekend of March 6 to 8. The audience was treated to an evening of often hilarious and clever demonstrations of his modern take on the art of mind reading. Jons has been entertaining audiences with his psychic powers since 2014 in his residency show, “Michael Jons: Psychic Cabaret” first in Fort Lauderdale and then at the Four Seasons Hotel in D.C.

Jons began by asking audience participants to write something embarrassing or perhaps wicked that they had experienced on a card which was then dropped into the “Box of Shame.” Later in the show Jons proved his mind-reading skill by reaching into the box with a comical flair, picking out a card and humorously reading out loud the embarrassing moment or shameful action of an audience member. He then canvassed the audience and finally settled on one person who eventually owned up to the card being theirs. He continued to demonstrate his intriguing abilities to read, influence and predict thoughts by engaging audience members in games which highlighted techniques of manipulation that utilize a mixture of intuition and human psychology.

With his remarkable feats of persuasion, Jons demonstrated how easily minds can be controlled at times when people think they are making a decision using their own free will. He warned the audience to be aware of mind manipulation techniques used every day by advertisers, politicians, clergy and nefarious types on social media. His recommendation to combat this intrusion is to employ what he calls “kindergarten rules.”

The “King of Cartomancy,” as he describes himself, closed the show by using a deck of cards to predict the future. He accurately guessed the card each audience member was holding and had a highly intuitive and thought-provoking interpretation of each card.


Wicked Thoughts Premiere Just 90 Days Away!

Michael Jons Wicked Thoughts"Michael Jons: Wicked Thoughts!" will get its 2020 premiere at the Greenbelt Arts Center on March 6-8, 2020. 

The idea for "Wicked Thoughts!" began in November, 2016 and developed over the next year. In 2018 we produced several workshop productions of the show in Washington DC, Coral Gables FL, Greenbelt MD and Tawas MI. Those 2018 performances were a great start, but we knew we weren't yet finished.

We went back and worked on the show for another entire year. I'm happy to say that all the that hard work has paid off. The show is finally just what we envisioned it to be back in 2016.

We are incredibly excited to be presenting the finished show this March at the Greenbelt Arts Center theater. You're not going to want to miss it - it's an awesome show! 

Please join my email list below for information about all my 2020 performances.

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