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News for August 2017

Fortune-Telling by Cards

Fortune Telling By Cards by Professor P.R.S. Foli, 1915At "The Psychic Cabaret" Michael Jons shows us how to read people, thoughts and fortunes. A few people have asked about the 100-year-old books that inspired the show. One of them is "Fortune Telling by Cards" written by Professor P.R.S. Foli, first published in 1915.

Sir Cyril Arthur Pearson, 1st Baronet, GBE (24 February 1866 – 9 December 1921) was a British newspaper magnate and publisher, most noted for founding the Daily Express. He was educated at the prestigious Winchester College in Hampshire. A philanthropist, in 1892 he established the charitable Fresh Air Fund, still in operation and now known as Pearson's Holiday Fund, to enable disadvantaged children to partake in outdoor activities. In 1898, he purchased the Morning Herald, and in 1900 merged it into his new creation, the halfpenny Daily Express. The Express was a departure from the papers of its time and created an immediate impact by carrying news instead of only advertisements on its front page. In 1898, Pearson founded The Royal Magazine, a monthly literary magazine which remained in publication until 1939. 

During 1900s time period, Pearson was also active as a writer, and wrote a number of tourist guides to locations in Britain and Europe. Under the pseudonym of "Professor P R S Foli", he wrote Handwriting as an Index to Character in 1902, as well as works on fortune-telling and dream interpretation. 

If you're interested in taking a peek at what's inside, you can download a pdf copy of the book here: Fortune Telling by Cards, Professor P R S Foli, 1915

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