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News for April 2017

A Hollywood Feature Film about Psychic Micheal Jons?!

I always imagined that Matt Damon would play me in a feature film, but I think Rich Sommer from "MAD MEN" is a great choice too!

I can neither confirm nor deny that the new black comedy starring Ed Harris and Rich Sommer called, "A Crooked Somebody" is about a character based on ME, but take a look at the movie's plot description: 

"Sommer will play master showman Michael Jons, a self-dubbed psychic medium and charismatic charlatan who is kidnapped by an emotionally unhinged man."

Awesome! They think I'm charismatic!

Although the script was written with the "charismatic psychic" main character named Micheal Jons, they changed the name in the final film to Michael Vaughn -- I guess they didn't want to imply that the caracter is REALLY me. This isn't a documentary. Besides, Michael Vaughn is only a pretend psychic.

All I can say is that it sounds like the movie is about an absolutely fascinating - and handsome - guy!

Cant' wait for the film's release!