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Psychic Cabaret Reviews for June 2018

Last Sundays "Psychic Cabaret" was a real treat to perform. One of the best parts of my job is meeting really fun people. Here are the reviews they just left -- THANK YOU!!  Eno Wine Bar provides the perfect setting to enjoy a glass of wine, a bite to eat, and some "mind-bending, gasp-inducing" entertainment. I hope you'll come join the fun!

Bravo! The build up was enthralling, the presentation riveting, and the finale, magnifique! Michael Jons' abilities blew me away. I highly recommend the Psychic Cabaret to one and all, as I'm confident it will not disappoint. And as an added bonus, I found Eno Wine Bar to be an added treat.
Lorraine G on 6/25/2018 via Yelp

5 Stars! Loved it! What a great experience! Michael Jon is very entertaining and my mind is blown! DON'T MISS OUT ON AN AMAZING TIME!!
C Kauzor on 6/25/2018 via Goldstar

We loved this show. Had no idea what to expect and we were very pleasantly surprised. The Eno Bar is lovely, and the 4 Seasons next door in DC, validates parking which we didn't know about. So we went for a drink before the show and the venue downstairs is very comfy. It holds about 15 people so you get a very intimate show. Michael was very entertaining and informative and included everyone in the show at some point. I'd highly recommend it.
Jill T on 6/25/2018 via Yelp

I couldn’t figure out how Mr. Jons was able to divine the answers to the many situations and audiences questions he devised, so it was kind of spooky and good fun.
Aaron E on 6/25/2018 via Goldstar

We had the most fun! Michael is an incredible magician and mind reader fortuneteller. It really was a fun couple of hours. I would definitely go again. Very surprising and refreshing experience. Michael is truly amazing.
Jenny G on 6/25/2018 via Goldstar

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