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New Times Confirms

The New Times came to last night's performance of The Psychic Cabaret and posted their review this morning. THANK YOU New Time!!


Psychic Cabaret
Terra Sullivan, November 28, 2014

In this jaded world of ours, the bar for the “Best Date Nights of All Time” is set pretty high. There are a few basic requirements that will get you close, however. For one, it has to be an event where you learn something new (read: deadly embarrassing) about your date. It should also be a night out that will give you plenty of conversational fodder for later in the wee hours, when you find yourselves at Lester’s Diner locking eyes over hot chocolates the size of your skulls. It’s also a bonus if you don’t have to break the bank at said best date night, getting out on the town for under 20 bucks. And last, it should have a bit of camp and cheesiness to it to help weed out the wet noodles of the dating pool.

Psychic Cabaret is one such event that is definitely up for said title.

Led by professional mind reader and psychic Michael Jons, the fast-pasted, entertaining night features Jons’ own creepily accurate people-reading skills, persuasion techniques, and spot-on psychic abilities. It’s in Jons’ DNA, as he was raised around his grandmother, who was a well-known intuitive reader.

Each Friday night (now through April) at Wine Bar at Bona Pizza (2468 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors), Jons presents Psychic Cabaret to an intimate crowd. A limited menu of wines and food is available for purchase but not required for the show. Tickets available at thepsychiccabaret.com.

Read the full review at http://www.browardpalmbeach.com/calendar/psychic-cabaret-6355340