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A Classic Mind Reader for Today's Audiences

Critics declare Michael Jons' Psychic Cabaret, "one the best date nights of all time!"  Audiences say it's, "Simply Amazing!"

Michael Jons Mind Reader & Psychic Entertainer
Michael Jons, Mind Reader
Mind reader and psychic entertainer Michael Jons will be bringing his mind-boggling and hilarious new show, "Michael Jons' Psychic Cabaret” to audiences in Washington, DC.

Can psychics really peek into our past and foresee our future? Michael Jons proves they can! In the course of this fast-paced 75 minute performance, Michael Jons demonstrates a Sherlock Holmes level of people-reading, astonishes with feats of personal persuasion, and seemingly reads people's thoughts like an open book. But the highlight of the show is the variety of psychic readings that Michael does for members the audience. They are as entertaining as they are amazing.

Michael Jons is a classically trained mind reader. “Most people think that mind reading is like stage magic,” Michael explains, “but the two arts have very different origins.” Mind reading shares its roots not with magicians like Houdini, but with psychic readers, fortune tellers, and spirit mediums. “What I do is more 'Long Island Medium' than 'David Copperfield',“ he says with a smile. In fact, the show pays tribute to the Crystal Ball Gazing acts that were wildly popular on vaudeville stages 100 years ago.

Michael started honing his psychic skills at an early age, learning from his grandmother who was an intuitive reader. “I always thought it was normal part of life when I was growing up,” Michael comments. It wasn’t until he went to the University of Michigan to study economics that he realized that most people had only a “Hollywood” idea of what psychics and readers actually do.

Audiences today have a better understanding that much of what Michael does is based in human psychology. “I’m using techniques and abilities that have been developed over the centuries, and are still used every day by advertisers, politicians, the clergy -- even your own mothers -- to read, influence and predict your thoughts.” The one thing that hasn’t changed is that people are just as fascinated and entertained by these remarkable demonstrations today as they were a century ago.

Whether you're an ardent skeptic or a true believer, everyone will agree that the "Psychic Cabaret" is great evening of entertainment. Don't miss it! We predict you'll love this show!


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